Mask, Face Shield, PPE, Gloves: The New Normal

It’s been four months since our lives have been upended by Covid-19, hurling us at a kind of life only seen in sci-fi movies. Since the pandemic arrived, we have quickly adapted to the New Normal, donning PPEs every time we leave the safety of our homes, like face masks, face shields and, in some […]

Cotton Poplin Fabric for Sale in PH: Perfect for baby nests, apparel, home decor projects

Tightly woven, the cotton poplin fabric is also known as the “tabinet.” This fabric is a plain weave material with crosswise ribs and contains fine warp and weft yarns. As a popular shirting fabric, it is durable, crease-resistant, and sturdy, making the cotton poplin easy to maintain. It is also smooth, soft, and non-stretch. Its organic nature […]

Taffeta silver back lining (SBL) for sale in PH, used for PPEs

Local fabric taffeta silver back lining (SBL) is currently hot on the market as it is being used to create heaps of PPEs for our frontliners. Recently, fashion designer Mich Dulce made headlines for designing a lab-gown type of protective suit for medical frontliners in partnership with the Office of the Vice President Leni Robredo. This came at the […]

Microfiber textile: For Sale in PH

WHAT IS MICROFIBER? The textile microfiber is made from super fine synthetic yarns, which are polyester and nylon. The fibers are so ultra thin, up to 100 times finer than a human hair! This is why it’s great at repelling water. It has a slight positive charge, which means it also traps dusty bits (they’re negatively charged) instead […]